10 Questions for Karl Denson

We recently had the opportunity to ask saxophone and flute master Karl Denson a gaggle of (almost) random questions! Here’s what he had to say:

PM:  You play with the Rolling Stones now! How has that experience been? 

KD: I gonna give you the stock answer: IT’S THE FREAKING ROLLING STONES!!! It’s been an amazing experience to be a part of their world.

PM: Exactly how many musical instruments do you own? Is there anything surprising that you know how to play?

KD: 10-15 various instruments, mostly horns. My guitar playing might surprise some.

PM: With all of the many projects you’re involved in, what is your strategy for time management? How do you balance work and life with all of that going on?

KD: It’s tough, I’m not always good at balance. You just have to keep working hard and pushing ahead. I’m constantly busy with little down time, so my main goal is to finish things.

PM: If you could choose one musician or band that I probably haven’t heard of (but should), who would it be? 

KD: I just fell in love with a new LA band called Solar Sons. Raggedy Psych-Rock, very cool.

PM:  You play in Portland often! What’s your favorite thing about the city?

KD: The style! Very hip and comfortable; great food and people.

PM: After doing so much touring, you must have some funny stories from the road. What’s your favorite? 

KD: The funniest thing about touring with KDTU is David Veith, our keyboardist. He makes getting in a van or on a bus super fun. He’s always on; there are lots of belly laughs.

PM: If you had to choose one: sax or flute?

KD: You can’t pick favorite children. It hurts their feelings.

PM: When you think of music now, what are the first two albums that come to mind?

KD: Patty Griffin “1000 Kisses” and my new record. It’s almost done so I’m pretty focused on it.

PM: What’s new on this tour? What can audiences expect from Tiny Universe? 

KD: In anticipation of the new record which won’t release until next spring, we’ve been digging in the crates and archives to build a new set. So there will be lots of new/ old music coming; some original as well as covers.

PM: We’re excited to see Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers as well! How did you choose this band to share the bill?

KD: Not sure how it came about this time except to say, we’re very good friends. The managers and agents make this stuff happen. But I can say with complete confidence that it’s gonna be a fun time!
Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe plays the Wonder Ballroom on Friday, November 20. Buy tickets here. 
P.S. PSSST!! The Portland Metronome is giving away a pair of tickets to this show. Click here to enter! 


Author: Kara

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