For Chris Chandler

This was supposed to be a review of Brad Parsons & the Local Talent and Polecat, but instead it’s going to be about Chris Chandler. The music was great, but I would give up that show- or every show- a million times if we could just get a do-over of Saturday night. Our fun times seem so insignificant compared to what was lost.

I was dancing with Chris not an hour before he was killed. We joked about an air pump he had lent me that kept turning itself on and off in the back of the car. (He told me I could keep it.) We made plans to go hiking the next day. He gave me a huge bear hug. And I had no idea that was the last time I’d ever see him.

We all have similar stories about Chris. He was universally kind, inclusive, generous, and positive- and there is no one that could say any different about him. I think we are all realizing now exactly how many people his infectious warmth spread to. I can only hope that I can strive to be as kind, as warm, and as generous as Chris was, and keep his memory alive by working to become a better person.

This music scene that we have here in Portland is bigger than just a group of people who share the same taste in music. There is real love here. Let’s all make sure we remember to acknowledge that, and let the people we care about know that we love them. As we struggle to find meaning in something that seems so meaningless, let’s use this experience to strengthen our bonds.

Thanks Chris, for everything. Our lives are all better because you were in them.

Author: Kara

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